All-Natural Pig Ear Slivers/Strips Dog Treats (1lbs)

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Our All-Natural Pig Ear Slivers/Strips are a delightful treat for dogs of all sizes and breeds! These tasty chews are made from 100% natural pork, offering an irresistible and healthy snack for your furry companion. The smaller size of these slivers/strips makes them perfect for portion control, as well as for smaller dogs or puppies.

Key Features of our All-Natural Pig Ear Slivers/Strips:
100% Natural and Single Ingredient
Sourced from Premium Pork
High Protein, Low Fat
100% Digestible
Great for Dental Health
Perfect for Portion Control and Small Dogs

Our Pig Ear Slivers/Strips are carefully sourced and processed to ensure the highest quality standards. This means your pet will enjoy a tasty and nutritious treat that is free from chemicals, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. our Pig Ear Slivers/Strips also provide a fantastic way for your dog to exercise their chewing instincts while promoting dental health.

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